57| Neuropsych Bite: Balint’s Syndrome – A Conversation With Dr. Joel Kamper

We bring you another Neuropsych Bite with Joel Kamper, Ph.D., ABPP-CN, to discuss Balint’s syndrome, a rare neurological condition characterized by optic ataxia, oculomotor apraxia, and simultanagnosia due to parietal-occipital lesions.  This is the third episode in a series of rare neurological disorders.  For Joel’s bio, click here.

A pdf of the transcript for this episode is available here.

Topics Covered

  • Overview of Balint’s syndrome
  • Clinical presentation of the syndrome
  • Neuroanatomy and common etiologies of this rare disorder
  • Distinguishing between syndrome and etiology
  • The role of a neuropsychologist in a Balint’s syndrome case study