26| Neuropsych Essentials: Commentary on Clinical Report Writing

Last episode we spoke to Jacobus Donders, Ph.D., ABPP (CN, RP) about neuropsychological report writing (click here to listen to that episode and read Dr. Donders’ bio).  Today we provide commentary on that episode.  Specifically, we discuss the Postal et al., 2018 “Stakeholders” paper from The Clinical Neuropsychologist as well as takeaways from our conversation with Dr. Donders.  Additionally, we review other helpful tips to reduce report length and clinical time spent writing, which could free us up to devote more time for patient care.

A pdf of the transcript for this episode is available here.

Topics Covered (with time stamps)

Review of Postal et al., 2018

  • Overview of stakeholders paper (4:49)
  • Summary of methods and results (6:54)
  • Take-home messages from stakeholders paper (11:33)

General Commentary on Report Writing

  • Why is it important to shorten our neuropsychological reports (12:24)
  • Why haven’t we shortened them yet? (13:25)
  • Pressure to write longer reports to defend clinical competency (15:34)
  • How to shorten reports (20:28)
  • Neuropsychological reports as a “one-stop shop” (21:31)
  • Including only essential information (25:20)
  • Inverted pyramid approach to writing (27:40)
  • Why timelines in reports can be helpful but cumbersome (28:40)
  • Reducing report writing time to enhance quality of clinical work (30:50)
  • Report writing for case conceptualization skill building in trainees (32:50)
  • How to use the report in a feedback session (38:51)
  • Tips for improving your writing from Jacobus’ book (44:55)
  • Other ways to shorten your report writing (52:54)

Selected References

Postal, K., Chow, C., Jung, S., Erickson-Moreo, K., Geier, F., & Lanca, M. (2018). The stakeholders’ project in neuropsychological report writing: A survey of neuropsychologists’ and referral sources’ views of neuropsychological reports. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 32(3), 326-344.

Selected Resources

IOPC website: https://iopc.online/report-writing

Donders, J. (Ed.). (2016). Neuropsychological report writing. Guilford Publications.