12| Inside NavNeuro – University of Florida ANST Q & A

In this John-and-Ryan-Tell-All episode, we discuss the following topics with a group of students from the University of Florida, as part of their Association for Neuropsychological Students in Training (ANST) seminar:

• The inspiration for the NavNeuro podcast

• An overview of the structure and format of NavNeuro

• How John and Ryan find time to run NavNeuro while working full time as neuropsychologists

• Future plans for NavNeuro

• How to communicate complex scientific and clinical topics to a lay audience

• How we can leverage the NavNeuro platform to increase the visibility of the field of neuropsychology

• The inspiration for topics discussed on NavNeuro

• Other podcasts that inspire and inform John and Ryan

• How to handle the unlikely scenario where a listener or guest verbally attacks your character

• Alternative formats for future NavNeuro episodes

• The biggest obstacles to getting NavNeuro up and running


Other podcasts mentioned in this episode:

-Waking Up with Sam Harris


-Skeptoid with Brian Dunning


-Rationally Speaking

-Stuff You Should Know



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