01| Introducing Navigating Neuropsychology

Welcome to Navigating Neuropsychology (NavNeuro for short), a podcast for neuropsychology trainees, professionals, and anyone interested in the brain and behavior.  This episode is an introduction to the podcast.  We discuss the motivation behind it, structure, plans for the future, and disclaimers.

A pdf of the transcript for this episode is available here.

Topics covered

  • Introducing Navigating Neuropsychology
  • The intended audience for the podcast
  • Brief introductions and backgrounds for John and Ryan,
  • Why a neuropsychology podcast? The purpose and function for the podcast, as well as how listeners may benefit from the content
  • What Navigating Neuropsychology is and what Navigating Neuropsychology is not
  • The interactive nature of the podcast – how listeners may express their questions/thoughts about episode content and how they may provide feedback to John and Ryan
  • Podcast disclaimers
  • Upcoming episodes
  • How to support the podcast

Special thanks

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the following individuals for the invaluable feedback and support they provided us as we were developing Nav Neuro:

  • Dr. Steve Correia
  • Dr. Daniel Northington
  • Raquel Bellone
  • Dr. Meg Collier
  • Dr. Ryan Montanari