69| Becoming a Neuropsychologist – With Dr. Jeremy Sharp

Becoming a neuropsychologist is a long, challenging journey that can also be incredibly rewarding. In this episode, John and Ryan are interviewed by Dr. Jeremy Sharp of The Testing Psychologist about their new book, Becoming a Neuropsychologist: Advice and Guidance for Students and Trainees. John and Ryan tell Jeremy about the purpose and objectives of the book, they share aspects of their own professional journeys, and they provide tips for listeners about how to build a career in neuropsychology. This episode is especially relevant to anyone who is curious about the field of neuropsychology, so please share it with friends, family, and students!

To purchase the book (either an electronic or print copy), click the picture below.

Several resources related to the book can be found here: www.NavNeuro.com/book

About Jeremy

Jeremy Sharp, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist practicing in Fort Collins, Colorado.  He is the director of the Colorado Center for Assessment and Counseling.  He is also the creator and host of The Testing Psychologist podcast.  You can find out more about the podcast and his private practice coaching here.

Resources mentioned in the episode

Smith, G., & CNS. (2019). Education and training in clinical neuropsychology: Recent developments and documents from the clinical neuropsychology synarchy. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 34(3), 418–431.

Scott A. Sperling, Cynthia R. Cimino, Nikki H. Stricker, Amy K. Heffelfinger, Jennifer L. Gess, Katie E. Osborn & Brad L. Roper (2017)Taxonomy for Education and Training in Clinical Neuropsychology: past, present, and future, The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 31:5, 817-828, DOI: 10.1080/13854046.2017.1314017

Resource for international listeners/trainees: www.NavNeuro.com/global

Direct link to the Houston Conference Guidelines: www.NavNeuro.com/HCG

Email address for the ABCN credential review committee chair: Credentialreview@theabcn.org

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