65| Neuropsych Bite: Pediatric Teleneuropsychology – A Conversation With Dr. Lana Harder

As the COVID-19 pandemic endures, many neuropsychologists continue to conduct neuropsychological assessments via telehealth platforms.  Increased knowledge about telehealth practices garnered from clinical experience and an influx of publications about teleneuropsychology has allowed for further improved telehealth assessment practices.  We previously spoke with Dr. Munro Cullum about teleneuropsychology in adult populations and the new challenges neuropsychologists faced at the outset of the pandemic.  In order to address the unique challenges faced by pediatric neuropsychologists conducting neuropsychology assessments remotely, we spoke with Lana Harder, Ph.D., ABPP-CN, about her experience and recommendations for pediatric neuropsychologists.

A pdf of the transcript for this episode is available here.

Topics Covered

  • Challenges to conducting a pediatric teleneuropsychology assessment
  • Recent studies involving remote neuropsychological assessment with pediatric populations
  • Most amenable tests to implement via teleneuropsychology
  • Method for administration of symbol-digit modalities remotely
  • Precautions for neuropsychologists engaging in teleneuropsychology
  • Establishing and maintaining rapport with pediatric populations virtually
  • Appropriate age range for tele-assessment
  • Determining appropriateness of teleneuropsychology for each patient
  • Recommendations for contending with barriers to teleneuropsychology

About Lana

Dr. Lana Harder is a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist and pediatric neuropsychologist.  She is the Manager of Neuropsychology Service and Neuropsychology Training Director at Children’s Medical Center Dallas.  She holds dual faculty appointments as Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology at University of Texas Southwestern.  Additionally, she was elected to the Board of Directors of the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology (ABCN) and the Association of Postdoctoral Programs in Clinical Neuropsychology (APPCN).  She is also a Clinical Neuropsychology Ambassador to the American Board of Professional Psychology Early Career Psychologist Task Force.

Select References and Resources

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