136| Neuropsychology in India – A Conversation With Dr. Urvashi Shah

This episode is a conversation with Dr. Urvashi Shah about neuropsychology in India. The discussion covers the Indian healthcare system, cultural and religious beliefs/values that impact healthcare, the history of neuropsychology, training in neuropsychology, clinical work and research, cognitive rehabilitation, challenges of neuropsychology in India, available test batteries, and future directions.

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About Urvashi

Dr Urvashi Shah is a consultant clinical neuropsychologist attached to the Department of Neurology at the King Edward Memorial (popularly known as K.E.M Hospital). She was awarded the prestigious Mayor’s Award from the Bombay Municipal Corporation (B.M.C) in recognition of her pioneering contributions to the field. She was also awarded the Matthew Fellowship by the International Neuropsychology Society and was invited to deliver the keynote lecture at the 2020 annual INS meeting in Denver, Colorado.

She is a member of the International League Against Epilepsy Task Force for Neuropsychology and Co-Chair of the International Neuropsychology Society INS, Special Interest Group SIG for Epilepsy. She was a research consultant for an Indo-US study on Cognition in Elderly in Mumbai. This study was in collaboration with the Mount Sinai Hospital and was funded by the National Institute of Health, NIH. Dr. Shah has been a  committee member of the Scientific Committee of the World Conference of Neurorehabilitation and served as an invited expert on the Indian Council of Medical Research’s project on the Indian Cognitive Battery.

Dr. Shah is a peer-reviewer for several academic journals and is on the advisory board of Neurology India, the academic journal of the Neurological Society of India. She has numerous national and international publications and presentations.


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