122| Parkinson’s Disease – A Conversation With Dr. Sara Schaefer

This episode is a wide ranging discussion of Parkinson’s disease, with Sara Schaefer, MD, MHS. The conversation begins with basic facts, features, and concepts, and then moves into more complex topics, while covering many critical factors for neuropsychologists to consider. It includes a focus on diagnosis/symptoms, epidemiology, core neuropathology, neurodiagnostic approaches, risk factors (e.g., REM behavior disorder), nonmotor features (e.g., autonomic, neuropsychiatric, cognitive), subtypes, and treatment approaches.

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About Sara

Dr. Schaefer is a graduate of Brown University and The Ohio State University College of Medicine, and an alumna of the Yale Neurology Residency Program. She completed 2 years of subspecialty training in movement disorders at Yale. She has a particular interest in medical education, and completed a Masters of Health Sciences with a focus on medical education in 2019. She has designed an interactive, video-based online training curriculum in movement disorders for residents and medical students that is used by learners all over the world. She serves as co-founder and deputy editor of the MDS podcast, launched January 2019, founder and producer of Neurology Nuts and Bolts: Constructing your Career podcast, launched February 2022, serves as the Movement Disorders Section Head of the Annual Academy of Neurology Resident In-Service Training Examination (RITE) Committee, and as the CME editor for the Movement Disorders Journal.

Selected Resources

JAMA article on Muhammad Ali


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